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The hotel is arranged on three floors at the seaside. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge where you can sit and drink tea.

Piscina  Elite este optiunea ideala pentru a-ti petrece zilele insorite de vara intr-o atmosfera de vacanta, cocktail-uri gustoase, armonie si muzica, o adevarata oaza de liniste si relaxare ce te va scoate din monotonia orasului. Clientii hotelului Elite beneficiaza gratuit de acesul la piscina si de sezlong.

Piscina Exterioara

Piscina  Elite este optiunea ideala pentru a-ti petrece zilele insorite de vara intr-o atmosfera de vacanta.

Piscina Interioara

Piscina interioara iti ofera o oaza de liniste si relaxare.

Sauna Uscata

Sauna uscata ajuta la detoxifiere, oxigeneaza si vascularizeaza pielea si are un rol important in relaxarea fizica si mentala

Sauna Umeda

Are beneficii asupra organismului. Ajuta la eliminarea toxinelor si curatarea in profunzime a pielii.


Masajul mentine starea de sanatate, reda tineretea, reface organismul si are cel mai mare rol in relaxare.


Reprezinta un beneficiu pentru sanatate.

Loc de Relaxare

Un loc unde-ti poti recapata energia.

Sala de Evenimente

Sala de evenimente asigura un spaţiu ideal atât pentru întâlnirile de afaceri cât şi pentru evenimente ce vor deveni unice.


Luviana provides all guests with required amenities to make their experience at our hotel unforgettable and pleasant. We care about your staying here and arranged all facilities you need for comfort and not stressful rest here.

King Beds
Air conditioning
Smoking Free

Our amenities

Boat Tours

A huge variety of yachts for you to choose and to participate in splendid boat tour through the most beautiful bays with breath-taking landscapes – all these you can get at hour hotel. We provide the most unique activities to diversify your vacation.

To have such a tour all you need is to call receptionist and to inform about your longings. The rest we will organize ourselves for your unforgettable trip!